Halloween and Rodents......SCARY

Oct 20, 2009, 18:03 PM by Fred S.
Halloween Rats!
Pumpkins are being carved and the little ones are getting dressed up. Ghosts, goblins and witches are preparing for a night of tricks or treats. Meanwhile something sinister lurks in the shadows...

Sounds like a scene right out of a horror movie...but this isn't a movie. During the autmum months rats and mice seek shelter from the cold and wet weather inside our sheds, garages and even our home, usually causing damage to your property. It is very important to take a step in the right direction to combat these little furry monsters.

Make your home a not so easy target!
Rats and Mice can enter your home in several ways. Rodents can easily gain access through ventilation grills, sidewalk grates, where plumbing enters the house, vertical wires and tree branches.

To make entry into your home more difficult, you may want to consider the following:

  • Keep your property free of debris and leaf litter
  • Fill all gaps around plumbing lines that enter your home with caulking, silicon or steel wool.
  • Make sure all external doors have door sweeps properly installed.
  • Garages, cardboard boxes should be replaced with plastic storage tubs and kept tidy.

By doing these few things you could make your home less of a target to destructive and scary rodents! If you need a rodent exterminator, contact Clark Pest control. Not sure what kind of rodent is lurking in your home or business or what kind of rodent control you need? No worries! Clark offers free rodent and pest inspections.

 Rat and pumpkin.