Fast Food Nightmare!

Nov 18, 2009, 19:53 PM by User Not Found

Well today, while going through various blogs I came across an older post back from 2007 and is probably one of the most disturbing videos I have ever seen on You Tube regarding pests and pest control, so disturbing I will not post it here.

I will paint a mental picture for you, a very popular fast food restaurant (I will not mention their name) that has at least a dozen Norway Rats, climbing tables, chairs, areas where food is prepared and stored. In this video the TV station camera crew films 2 employees opening up the front doors and the first thing that comes to mind is Now how can you work and even worse serve food to people and know the health risks involved!

With this video circulating on the web and of course the TV news station that covered this story I'm sure every health department in the country will start looking more closely at dining establishments.

To view this You Tube video click here
**Warning, the comments that were made on You Tube are explicit.