Fall Rodent Preparation for Your Home

Sep 28, 2009, 12:42 PM by Clark Pest Control Sacramento Office

With Fall knocking at our door as we say good bye to the summer months we should all start preparing for those pesky 4 legged pests that tend to take refuge in our homes where its nice and warm. RODENTS. These include several types of mice and rats.

So how do you prepare? Well, Start by doing a walk around outside of your home, noting possible trouble areas such as leaf litter, shrubs, boxes, recycle bins and trees less than a foot from your home or overhanging roof areas. Make sure, if you have fruit trees, that all fallen fruit has been removed and discarded. Keeping your lawn trim and raking are the most important first steps to removing pest harborage and food sources,namely rodents. Step two is checking for entry points where both rodents and pests may gain access to your home. Entry points are usually gaps around plumbing and gas lines that come into your home, this is a common access point for rodents. Doors without door sweeps at the bottom of the door are like a big “WELCOME” sign; both mice and rats can squeeze under a door without a door sweep. 

Garage and storage sheds pose a common problem, these areas are isolated from the daily hustle and bustle, keep an eye out for droppings! In the event you have a rodent problem contact your local Clark Pest Control office!

Clark Pest control offers rodent extermination for homes and business in more than 20 locations across California and Northern Nevada.