DIY DONT! What the Do-it-yourselfer's Don't Know

Oct 21, 2009, 11:53 AM by Clark Pest Control San Diego Office

I have to admit, I am a do it yourself kinda of person with a background in building maintenance so having experience in everything from electrical to drywall I feel very comfortable doing it myself.

What I have noticed is more and more web based DIY-Do It Yourself pest control stores popping up with tag lines like "Save time and money" and so on.

Sure you can buy heavy duty pesticides but at a huge health risk, keeping in mind that yes they work for a short term solution but the goal is long term prevention and protection. So if you're like everyone else, you have a pest problem, maybe ants, aphids or even rats, you apply the pesticide with more product than required hoping to pack a big pest punch without really knowing what the outcome will be. The outcome is all bad; you have just put you and your family at risk.

"Why Should I Pay for Pest Control" ?

When you hire a professional pest management company, they inspect your home and property. The biggest benefit is a pest professional can identify problem areas, find the harborage, and get to the source using the right product for the job that not only eliminates the problem but keeps your family and pets safe.

Pest technicians are state licensed and certified, are required by the state to continue their certification requirements throughout the year.  Why would you skimp and attempt to do this yourself?  Leave it to a trained professional who will be ready and prepared to treat anything they might find.

Yes those online ads may sound tempting with "Save Big by doing it yourself"! but remember it all comes with a price! and a trip to the hospital is a hefty price to pay!