DIY DONT! - Resident warns neighbours about deadly pest control measures

Jan 19, 2010, 18:58 PM by User Not Found

A puppy in the Cardinal Creek area is lucky to be alive after nibbling on some rat poison left near a public east-end trail. Springridge resident Monica Belanger was walking her six-month-old lab, Daytona, on leash along the trail behind Caprihani Way when the puppy picked something up from the ground.

"She's a puppy so she eats everything," Belanger said. "If I see what's in her mouth I grab it out. Usually it's only a stick."

But this time Daytona chomped down on something that isn't normally found along the trail.

"When I grabbed it out I saw right away it was... Warfarin," Belanger recounted, adding she then saw blue pellets scattered along the edge of the pathway next to a residential garden gate.

Daytona had apparently eaten rat poison. "I had her at the vet's within 20 minutes," Belanger said.

The veterinarian knew right away what they were dealing with because they had the wrapper. Belanger said they induced vomiting and Daytona threw up some pellet pieces, meaning she'd definitely ingested the poison.

The young lab stayed at the vet for three hours under observation and, once her stomach settled, she was given charcoal to soak up any remaining poison, Belanger indicated...

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I read this and it brings up the question why was this outside on a trail? how did it get there? The first thing that comes to mind is someone was trying to do a little DIY pest control. DIY pest control is dangerous on all fronts, especially when it involves any type of chemical or poison.

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