Day 2 of the Bed Bug tour - Good morning and welcome!

Feb 24, 2011, 12:42 PM by User Not Found

Day 2 of the 3 city bed bug tour is about to get underway. Today we will be blogging live from the San Jose downtown Hilton hotel.

Todays Speakers

Ted Shapas

Jim Fredericks

Jeff Lipman


Our first speaker Ted Shapas (Masters in Aquatic biology):

Bed bug biology - Up close and personal


Bed bugs are like 6 legged vampires (insects that live on human blood)

  • are small and numerous
  • spread beyond Transilvania
  • have similar schedules and diets as to the Vampire

What are they?

  • true bug
  • latin name - Cimex lectularius
  • over 100 related species
  • cousins to the box elder, plant and assassin bugs

Where do they come from?

  • evolved from plant feeding bugs
  • Lived with early man in caves 
  • Earliest  - Egypt 1320 BC

How do they eat?

  • piercing/sucking(beak)
  • feeding tube

Ted is demonstrating the feeding with an orange and a straw

  • uses 2 tubes, 1 pipes in anesthetic/anticoagulant  

How often do they feed?

  • one every 5-10 days
  • 5-10mins=a full bag

Current US Trends

  • 1 in 15 per CDC
  • 2200% increase since 2004
  • 1999-2006/4,600 increase in Australia
  • since 2000 PCO calls 81%

Why the resurgence?

  • more modile society
  • new PM methods that do not include Bed bugs
  • insecticide resistance

Additional factors

  • local pubic health departments have limited resources
  •  Municipal codes, tenants,landlords struggle to identify those responsible...Leads to:
  •  delays in treatment
  •  delays in training

Are they dangerous?

No transmission of human pathogens

  • skin rashes/allerg reacts
  • psychological effects
  • loss of sleep and productivity

Where do they live?

  • homes,apartments,hotels/motels,schools,shelters,public transportation
  • not associated with poor sanitation

More specially...

  • mattresses and bedding
  • behind headboards
  • behind picture frames
  • carpeting
  • couches
  • near host(s)

How do they get around?

  • they walk
  • they hitchhike
  • 2nd hand items

Thank you VERY much Ted!