Day 2 Bed bug tour - continued - Jeff Lipman- Attorney

Feb 24, 2011, 15:45 PM by User Not Found

Document your advice

PCO's are at risk of being named in a law suit. If your an apartment manager you will be named in the law suit.

Follow the action plan 

  • have the PCO provide requirements for treatment rediness
  • make sure tenants are prepared for treatment
  • have writted post treatment plan

Landlord or Motel Must Act

  • warn guests of danger (Bed Bugs)
  • evict tenants who interefere with Bed Bug eradication
  • assist tenants who are mobility impared with preperation for treatment


Ongoing duty to inestigate

  • bed bugs monitors
  • periodic inspections as recomended by the PCO

Implied warranty of habitability

you are warranting you do not have bed bugs, the landlord must search for defects.

When Liability will arise - you must check for bed bugs!

Consumer fraud statute 

Unfair deceptive acts & practices

rental units may not illeagle hazzards that endanger the occupants well-being or make the unit unfit for habitation. A landlord who rents an apart impliedly represents that it is in compliance with the applicapible health and safety codes.

UDAP statute