California Invasive Pests...whats this all about!

Dec 3, 2009, 18:28 PM by User Not Found

You have probably read through sever posts of ours and keep seeing this come up "Invasive Pests", so what does this mean?

Invasive Pests as explained by the State of California and the USDA

Invasive pests are in California and they sure are hungry. Invasive pests are any kind of damaging animals, insects, plants or plant diseases that are not native to the State. Invasive pests can rapidly expand their populations and feed on local plants, crops and other species. As they compete with native species for resources, they cause damage to local ecosystems and wreak havoc on crops and local plant life.

So how the heck do they get here?
Usually through cargo container, travelers that travel by car, bus and even planes.

What are these Pests?
Red Imported Fire Ant, Mexican Fruit Fly, Asian Longhorned Beetle, Oriental Fruit Fly and the Light Brown Apple Moth are just to name a few.

What are the long term effects?
These invasive pests will destroy our crops, our parks and woodlands, and throw off our ecosystems.

To learn more about California invasive pests, please visit the official site: