Bugs invade Wilmington school

Jan 14, 2010, 20:28 PM by User Not Found

Source: WWAY 3 News
Submitted by Tim Buckley 

Bugs abounded at Blair Elementary in Wilmington this afternoon. Some six-legged friends came to visit more than 100 second graders courtesy of the North Carolina Pest Management Association.

The students were able to watch and touch Madagascar hissing cockroaches and some insect larvae much to most of the students' delight. The visit comes as the students are learning about insects and their life cycle.

"They love it," said the NC Pest Management Association's Lee Smith. "They're able to see the legs. They're able to see the head, the thorax and the abdomen and the antenna, so they get that education."

Said student Jake Splendorio, "I've learned about the cockroaches that they have skeletons, that the bugs have skeletons on the outside of them. This was really really cool."

Of course some students opted to shy away from touching the creepy crawly creatures, but enjoyed watching them from a distance.

I feel that more industry professionals should do this, there is a diffrence between "GOOD" bugs and "Bad" bugs.