Bobby Corrigan - Live from the 25th annual Educational Conference

Feb 18, 2011, 15:31 PM by User Not Found

Bobby is leading off with how he found his way into the pest control industry, his first job working below ground (the sewer). Bobby looks at pest control as a living experiment and refers to it as "cool science". 


Looking at New York City, Setting the rat traps, customers always ask what the best bait...

The Rat is capable of cognitive thinking, this means the rat can plot and plan. 

Bobby refers Pest control as "Deep Science" its a fine line the pest controller walks, is it a business or a science.

Norway and Roof rats are nocturnal as well as mice, working under the cloak of darkness.

NYC is the #1 Pestropolis - due to density of humans (about 14 million). with that many people producing that much trash!

Bobby is now talking about how he followed a Norway rat through NYC as the rat is thinking how many muscle movements it will take to get to a local fast food establishment. Bobby tells how as he followed this little guy he snapped photos. The Norway rat after 5 minutes out of the sewer he finally makes it to the fast food's trash area.

Daily foraging of the Norway rat in exterior city enviroment 90-450 ft. from nest. 

60 lb bag of trash - 1lb feeds 22 rats per night (10 adults, 12 Juveniles)

One NYC restaurant waste bag; one night can feed 1.320 rats


Rodents 2011 Updates in biology, behavior and control

(roof rats, Norway rats and the house mouse)

4 hairs on the front portion of the head that detects low objects such as pallets, when they detect they begin to dig with their front paws.

The tail is used for balance and asks as a sensor. The tail is also used for aggression.

How long can a rat live in the real world? depending on conditions, ideal would be up to 3 years for the rat, although most do not live past a year.

Roof Rats (Rattus rattus) are cleaver and secretive - originated from southeast Asia the roof rat loves lines

1. active and tyravels in areas of dense heavy cover

2.feeds more like a mose and not a rat

3.bushes filling in fence corners or covering fence supports (lines) 

fresh rub marks - how to tell...if it has hair in it, still oily and can be either shiny or dull.

new smudge marks can be scratched old is just a stain.