Bob Payne - LEED, Pest Management and Food Safety

Feb 18, 2011, 19:39 PM by User Not Found

Our last speaker for the day will be Bob Payne, we will be starting shortly

Bob is now taking the stage!

"Trust the science - trust whats right and you will never go wrong."

Bob is currently incorporating test preparation with a game - this is getting pretty funny!. 

"What we do is very important" - We need you

  • opportunities
  • hazards
  • practical applications

The Economic Impact

  • IPM-a history of success
  • What about California
  • Social Networking?

"what the tweet is going on my bookface"

Environmental Impacts

  • Silent spring anyone - Enviroment
  • Legends-leaders-lagers? - Clark as the example
  • How long has green been green? - IPM, Sanitation, PM's are the leaders in green.
  • What is green? Tweet-Tweet
  • LEED Anyone? - Identifier of who and what is green

Special thanks to the San Francisco Tier III list. - red legged frog

Public Health & Medical Leadership in the wii!

  • Pests associated with public health LCM-Asthma
  • What is our responsibility? 
  • the most important thing you can do


Sustainable Food Safety Initiatives

  • its a jungle out there
  • Wii in the public perception
  • Wii in the courts
  • Third party audits
  • Twitter traffic

Food, Drug & Cosmetic


Federal Case Law

Thank you so very much Mr. Payne it was a pleasure!