Bed Bugs - Learn About The Horrors You Can Bring Home

Dec 28, 2009, 19:42 PM by User Not Found

Here are two common bugs that cause rashes that can be picked up during one's travel from hotels.


Scabies are microscopic and are mites that burrow under the skin. The allergic reaction to them can result in extreme itching sensations and a marked rash. It may not show up for weeks after your trip. They can be treated with a prescription pesticide lotion you get from your physician. The mites are contagious so everyone in the home should also be treated, even if no symptoms are showing yet once one person in the home is positively diagnosed with scabies.

Wash everything worn as well as the sheets and towels in very hot water and dry on high heat. If there are items you can't wash, then put them in a plastic bag in order to suffocate them over the course of a week or two. These are parasites so it's important to stop their reproduction. It can be very frustrating as they can't be seen and are insanely itchy.

Bed Bugs:

A bed bug has to do is crawl out from its dark hiding spot, and bite you while you are asleep.
Once bitten, the bed bugs transfer blood out, and their saliva in. The reason why is because it as an anesthetic compound in its saliva that allows it to feed without notice. However, anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks later these welts will start to form that are very itchy, and out of instinct you will begin to scratch.

Once this rash develops it will look like a tiny pimple or even a mosquito bite, will become very red, and be very itchy. Well, I am sorry to say, but you now of a bed bug rash. Scratching it will not help, but will allow it to become worse by way of potential infection.

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