Las Vegas Pest Control Experts Blame the Media for Recent Outbreaks

Jun 18, 2010, 15:35 PM by User Not Found


Las Vegas pest control experts have seen an increased number of calls this season due to a number of factors; and unfortunately the greatest number of inquiries is due to bad information given by the media.  

For example, when a recent news report stated that termites were suddenly spotted within the region, phone lines lit up with hundreds of questions on how bad the epidemic was going to be. The fact of the matter is, termites cause millions of dollars annually to residential and commercial structures across the United States, and sloppy reporting has led our community to believe that the dry desert heat has made our homes immune to such damages. This species is relatively easy to control, and with annual inspections Las Vegas pest control workers feel comfortable guaranteeing that an infestation can be completely prevented.

Another insect the media is in utter denial about is bedbugs, although eventually it will become breaking news if residents do not take action soon. Las Vegas pest control professionals have seen their numbers explode within the past ten years, yet not a single word about their existence is ever mentioned since they were believed to have been completely eradicated from our continent back in the 1950's. Bedbugs are especially prolific breeders and extremely difficult to kill, so it goes without saying that Las Vegas pest control workers are ridiculously frustrated that a species that can not jump and only travels about fifty feet per week is making such an unnoticed comeback.

Rats and mice have also been a popular topic with Las Vegas pest control experts recently; despite being found within this area far longer than humans have been, residents seem completely baffled as to why their clean home has a rodent inside it. Although the media likes to portray these creatures as filthy, sewer dwelling animals, both of these species are great opportunists that only scavenge when other food sources are not available. If you spot a single mouse within your residence the chances are very good that twenty or thirty more are tucked away just around the corner out of view, and they can easily outbreed the best residential mousetrap ever created. Because of their tendencies to eat several tiny meals per day, poisons are also largely ineffective against rodents and professional assistance will probably be necessary.

Although each of these misrepresentations by the media are frustrating to Las Vegas pest control workers, the worst of all has yet to be mentioned. Over 99% of all pests can be successfully kept from entering a residence with a simple pest inspection, some basic home repairs, and a little bit of preventative maintenance; yet each and every week the media reports a home that burns down because a squirrel chewed through an electrical wire in an attic, a business was condemned due to termite damage, or a resident became deathly ill from an insect bite. If the media would focus just a little more in protecting homeowners and just a little less on the latest celebrity in rehab, all of these problems could have easily been avoided. If you have any questions on how to better protect your home from all types of animals, contact a Las Vegas Pest Control expert today and they will happily help with any situation.

Note From Clark Pest Control:
To touch on this article, with this years extreme weather conditions all pest are looking for shelter from the weather. The key to resolving this issue is yes, an inspection by a pest professional and a good IPM to exclude these invaders. Clark offers free pest evaluations as well as termite inspections. If you suspect you have an infestation, contact Clark today!