Bob Payne - LEED, Pest Management and Food Safety

Feb 18, 2011, 19:39 PM by User Not Found
Our last speaker for the day will be Bob Payne we will be starting shortly

Our last speaker for the day will be Bob Payne, we will be starting shortly

Bob is now taking the stage!

"Trust the science - trust whats right and you will never go wrong."

Bob is currently incorporating test preparation with a game - this is getting pretty funny!. 

"What we do is very important" - We need you

  • opportunities
  • hazards
  • practical applications

The Economic Impact

  • IPM-a history of success
  • What about California
  • Social Networking?

"what the tweet is going on my bookface"

Environmental Impacts

  • Silent spring anyone - Enviroment
  • Legends-leaders-lagers? - Clark as the example
  • How long has green been green? - IPM, Sanitation, PM's are the leaders in green.
  • What is green? Tweet-Tweet
  • LEED Anyone? - Identifier of who and what is green

Special thanks to the San Francisco Tier III list. - red legged frog

Public Health & Medical Leadership in the wii!

  • Pests associated with public health LCM-Asthma
  • What is our responsibility? 
  • the most important thing you can do


Sustainable Food Safety Initiatives

  • its a jungle out there
  • Wii in the public perception
  • Wii in the courts
  • Third party audits
  • Twitter traffic

Food, Drug & Cosmetic


Federal Case Law

Thank you so very much Mr. Payne it was a pleasure!

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