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About Carpenter ants and the damage they can do to a home.

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Termites are every homeowner's nightmare, but there's another insect that should also achieve terror into the sympathy of the homeowner. Carpenter ants basis millions of dollars a year in injury to houses throughout the country, but they're not as well known as termites. If you live in a region that regularly has wet or damp conditions, or if there is a damp whitehead in your home, your house could be at venture from carpenter ants.

What Is Carpenter Ants? Carpenter ants are insects that live in hives. Their life rounded is related to that of any other typeface of ant - they have queens that lay eggs. When the eggs emerge, some of the ants will be drones, some will workers and some will be queens. What makes them a menace to your house?

Despite admired belief, carpenter ants do not eat copse, but the do tunnel through it. They move through impose and form tunnels and galleries in their seek for food and to fashion nests. In the method, they agree and eventually trash the coppice in which they are nesting. If that covert happens to be a part of your house, your house is being ruined. It's not useless of for nests of carpenter ants to spoil structural hold beams on which your house depends. The longer a carpenter ant colony remainder in your house, the worse the injury they can do to your house.

How do you tell if you have carpenter ants in your house? The most palpable intimate that you have carpenter ants, of course, is since them, but it's not forever a reliable initial that you have nests of carpenter ants in your house. Since the damage to your house is caused in tunneling to figure nests, your principal bother is about whether there is a nest in the house. Carpenter ants nest both inside and slim a house, and they'll travel as much as 100 yards from their nest in their hunt for food. If you're only seeing the occasional carpenter ant in your house, particularly if it'd during the deferred Spring or Summer, there's a good unplanned that it's just a hand wandering far from his nest.

On the other hand, if your seeing carpenter ants inside during the chill or early Spring, it's an almost effective bet that you have at slightest one nest within. Carpenter ants typically go hidden during the iciness. If the nest is indoors, it may be welcoming enough to stir up the ants, or thwart them from leaving into dormancy at all. Since ants are most active at night, it's not uncommon for a homeowner to penetrate an extent, excursion on a light and see ants scurrying for shell. The most general seats to find carpenter ants places that are soggy - cabinets, sinks, rolled up towels, tubs and areas around the toilets.

How to Keep Ants Out of Your House Prevention is always better than annoying to therapy a riddle that has set in. The best conduct to keep carpenter ants from location up collect in your house are: Eliminate high humidity conditions that interest them. That means fans in bathrooms, and dehumidifiers in rooms that have a high damp share, especially in regions that are tacky to start with. Replace humidity-spoiled and rotted woodland before ants are attracted to it. If you store wood or lumber near the house or in a garage, be definite that you keep it dry. Stack firewood away from the house slight to inhibit ants from migrating from the woodpile to the house. Remove hierarchy stumps and roots.

Keep plants and bushes near the house pruned and trimmed to eliminate 'highways', that provoke carpenter ants into your home. Where are they nesting? Before you can eliminate a nest of carpenter ants, you have to find it. The easiest way to find the nest is to grasp an ant home. One way to make it easier to grasp the ants home is to give them food. They're particularly fond of tuna packed in water. Set out little flakes of tuna, and then stalk for ants. The tuna would actually make it easier for you to trail the ant back to its nest. Controlling

Carpenter Ants While it's possible for a homeowner to restrict carpenter ants on their own, it's not a tranquil charge. It's better to exchange a professional. A homeowner can still play a critical part in eliminating carpenter ants by providing, as much information about the infestation as possible.

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