Clark in the Community During COVID-19


Branch 20, March 31


“Thank you very much for the service I received yesterday! The technician was very nice and professional. I really appreciated that.” – Stephanie Boggs, Colfax

(From Nicholas Mamola: “Stephanie was very grateful for the free service! She said that her husband passed away a few years ago and that he use to do all their pest control needs but since he has been gone she has not been able to afford regular pest control and she was very happy to hear about our free service.”)


From Janice Milner, Branch 20:

“I had a customer that wanted to cancel his service. I looked over his account as he said he could no longer afford the service. He had a $90.00 credit so I saved the account by giving him half off his next two services and that would use up his credit and he would be ok till august. He was very happy.”


From Robert Barringer, Branch 20:

1. As you know one of things I have been doing is checking on our elderly clients (non-service month). Insuring they have TP ( like the Wilsons)  But also just checking on them to see if they need anything such as food or heat. Or getting them help they need like Lloyd whose wife is on hospice and had no help! 

Beyond our customers. 

2. Ordering take out lunch from our restaurant in the Foresthill area. 

3. Making a mission to say hello to anyone who crosses my pathways. 

4. Giving blood or plasma every two weeks. 

5. Putting up Christmas lights around my home where the Clark truck is parked!
(“By the way, the customer Robert is referring to is an elderly couple in their 90s that live in Foresthill, where I live. He let me know so I could also check on them from time to time. My wife took them some groceries a week or two ago, and they were so thankful.” – Travis Mickel)


From Brian Slagboom, Branch 20:

I just wanted to write and let you know about two accounts that I helped with the free services to our community.

The first was a woman in Roseville (please put her name here from my work roster).  I did the service on her home, and even got a paper wasp nest out of her eves for her.  She was extremely grateful and said that this was a wonderful thing that we were doing for the community.

The next was a man by the name of Chris in Auburn. His home was on the side of a hill and definitely needed some pest control services. Where his home is located at in the country I do believe that the service for him will make a large impact.  Again he was greatly appreciative and thanked Lance, myself, and Clark for the ongoing support and generosity in our community.

With these scary times, where a lot of people are not working right now, it feels good that I can assist in giving back as I’ve been blessed with a position that allows me to stay employed while so many are unable to.

Thank you,

Brian Slagboom

Branch 20, April 1


From Garry Dick, Branch 20:


The free service I did for Kaileigh was very positive. I explained to her what we do, how we do it and what to expect. As I finished webbing her house, she came out and asked me if I could treat her weeds on the side of her driveway, I said sure. It was roughly a 12x6 area. When I was done, I went back to the door to hand her the invoice and she handed me some money, I don’t know how much. I said, ‘No, you keep it.’ Her eyes got a little watery and thanked me for coming out and treating her house. It was very satisfying for me to see how much it meant to her.”


From Just Willis, Branch 20:

“My free service at either 162 or 163 Hillside went well.  No contact was made with owner.  Was a previous account of ours that sold. Have made contact with new owner in past.  House was still clean so service was easy.”


“My second free service:  Stephanie Boggs - New Valley Rd.  Stephanie was a nice lady and house needed some work.  Found velvety tree ants on side of garage and sourced across deck to a tree.  Pointed these out to Stephanie who had no idea.  Left house looking good and will check on ants later this week.  She was appreciative.”

From Justin Lema, Branch 20:


“I did two free services and the customers loved that they didn’t have any spider webs when they came out of the front door. It not only made the customers happy, but I felt good as well, knowing that I was doing a good thing by helping out the community.”


From Mike Biando, Branch 20:

“One of my techs,I think it was Jordan Frank, took a bottle of sanitizer to a customer that had none.”

(“Could you please have him send me an email about it, how the customer reacted, etc.?” – Travis)

“Jordan was not able to find any sanitizer anywhere so he could not give any to the customer.

I’ll give him some so he can do it this month.

Richard and I did an initial service together last week for an elderly lady and I removed the 2’ X 4’  light cover in her kitchen and cleaned it for her. She really appreciated it, because she cannot get up on a ladder, let alone remove a large light cover.”


From Greg Stehlik, Branch 20:

“Hi Travis. Just wanted to let you know that on the subject that you brought up about helping customers. My wife and I have volunteered our services of going to the grocery stores and delivering it to them. The customers are in my route of Del Webb Sun City area in Roseville. A lot of these customers are housebound, or they are afraid to go out in public because of their past illnesses or current illnesses. I have been letting people know about this and some have taken advantage of it.

“I also had a phone first customer last month that I called and she told me that she was losing her house because of the stock market drop and she did not know what to do about it. She had no one to turn to she said, so I referred her to my wife, who is in the industry of real estate. And she directed her to a loan officer that could help her do a reverse mortgage on her house. And as of now she is doing that. And she calls us and thanks this all the time for this.  I’m not looking for any praise for this just something that I did. Thanks.”

(“That's awesome, Greg. Thanks for looking out for your customers! I really appreciate your willingness to help others.” – Travis)


Branch 11, April 3:


From J.W. Jarvis, Branch 11:


“After lots of hard work by my family and I we dropped off our first batch of completed face masks! Doing our part with the Facebook Group North Bay Sewist Unite. They have set up drop-off points so they can collect, sanitize, and distribute all of the masks that are being made throughout the Bay Area. As of April 1 they have now donated over 1,400 masks to medical teams, delivery drivers, grocery store employees, and nursing homes! We still have over 30 more mask patterns cut out to help increase that number even more. A big thank you to Brad and the Santa Rosa branch for helping purchase the materials needed to make these!