Help Fight Covid-19


At Clark Pest Control, we are very proud to be a member of the essential business infrastructure that can step up to serve our community through this difficult crisis that we are all facing together. Those of us in the pest management industry are a key component of the health and safety infrastructure of the communities where we live and serve. In our line of work, we use a lot of personal protective equipment (PPE). We believe that some of the PPE we keep in stock might be better used by health and safety workers who are caring for people during this pandemic.

With this in mind, we will immediately begin analyzing all of our PPE stock. We will be looking for disposable items on hand that can be replaced by us with reusable PPE, along with any nonessential PPE that we can donate. We want to help everyone make it through the trying times ahead. We’d also like to invite our industry peers to join us to do the same.

We are connected statewide by Pest Control Operators of California (PCOC), and we hope that they can help us distribute this message, as a call to action, to all of our friends and peers in the industry to donate all nonessential PPE and switch to reusable PPE. Doing this will allow items like disposable nitrile gloves, which are often used out of convenience in our industry and could potentially help save lives, to be donated to healthcare workers.

As an industry, we have always collaborated to help raise the bar in caring for our communities. This will be no different. We are certain that we can all come together and make a real impact.

Visit for information on donating in your area.

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