Common Questions about Termites

Got termites or questions about them? We get questions about termites all the time here at Clark Pest Control. Below you will find a few such questions and answers from our experts. Of course if you have any other questions about termites or termite control feel free to contact Clark Pest Control for more help.

How expensive is termite treatment?

It can vary. A spot treatment for drywood termites will cost much less than soil injection treatment to control a subterranean termite colony, which in turn will cost much less than tented fumigation to control a drywood termite colony. In addition, repairing termite damage can be quite expensive. Clark does offer a Termite Infestation Protection (TIP) program that, for a small monthly amount, will cover the costs of treatment for homes that, upon inspection, have been found termite free.

How dangerous is fumigation?

Fumigation is the spraying of dangerous chemicals to disinfect or kill pests such as cockroaches, bugs, termites, rats, etc. These hazardous chemicals can pose a great risk to our health if we breathe it in or if it comes in contact with our skin or mouth.

How does tenting a house work?

Termite tenting is another term for termite fumigation. ... The other type of termite tenting uses heat instead of chemical gas to kill the termites in your home. Again, the house is sealed off completely with a думtentдуќ but instead of being filled with insecticide it is filled with heat that the termites cannot withstand.