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When termites are a problem, fumigating may be called for. Clark Pest Control offers termite fumigation that is safer and more affordable than you might think. Fill out our service request form and a representative will contact you, or call our toll-free number above for even faster help.

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"Within hours of my service call, a technician was at my residence resolving my pest problem. I want to thank the Clark Pest service technicians for their professionalism and customer service. Just like their commercials, Clark Pest Control is reliable and dependable."
—Mrs. C. Johns

*Free Inspection excludes real estate transactions, which may be subject to a fee.


If you think your termite infestation is a large one, give us a call. We've been ridding homes of the pests since 1950 and we have it down to a science – so we'll make it very easy and painless for you. If large colonies of drywood termites are discovered, we often recommend "tenting," or structural fumigation, as a safe, cost-effective and efficient solution.  

First, you can request our free home termite inspection* to gauge the extent of any damage. If we determine that fumigation is the right option for you, we’ll manage the process as seamlessly as possible while you enjoy a mini-vacation:

Steps to Termite Fumigation:

  1. You'll receive instructions to prepare your home according to certain specifications.
  2. You'll go on a small vacation.
  3. Our licensed fumigator will seal, or “tent,” your home and deploy the most effective fumigant available.
  4. We will thoroughly aerate your property before you return.
  5. You return from vacation, feeling safe knowing that your home is completely free from any residue.
  6. Our inspector may recommend our year-round Termite Home Protection Service; if termites return, we’ll treat the problem.

Call or text Clark today for a free inspection* at 1-800-882-0374, for an estimate.

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