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Few of nature's creatures evoke as much fear and revulsion as spiders. Exterminating spiders and keeping them from coming back takes knowledge and experience. Clark Pest Control has been exterminating spiders successfully for over 50 years. Think you might have a spider problem? Fill out our service request form and a representative will contact you, or call our toll-free number above for even faster help.

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Many people become upset when they see spiders around their home. But spiders can provide valuable information – they thrive where food is plentiful, meaning where there are lots of bugs for them to eat. Still, when our customers tell us that getting rid of spiders is a top priority, that’s what we do, and we help them correct the causes and conditions that attract spiders, too. And, on every service call, we’ll take down those unsightly webs.Some common spiders we control:

  • Black widow spider: A familiar villain, with a bulblike black body with spindly legs and a red hourglass marking underneath, not to mention a painful bite.

  • Brown widow spider: Similar in shape to black widow spiders, but with “camouflage”-type markings. They also bite.

  • Cellar spider (often called “daddy longlegs”): Not a biting threat, but the webs they leave everywhere are messy and unattractive.

One spider we’re often asked about is the brown recluse spider.

This venomous tan spider can be identified by the violin shape on its cephalothorax (combined head and thorax), which is why it’s often called a “fiddleback spider.” There are no populations of this spider established in California, and less than 20 verified specimens have been collected in the state over the past few decades. Thus, we confidently can say that the threat posed to people in California by brown recluse spiders is minimal.

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