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Rat Panic in Verdi Square
The rat problem in the Upper West Side's Verdi Square once called Needle Park has gotten so bad that recently the Parks Dept called for back-up We ha
they all jump out of the bushes," said Rob Hafferman, who lives nearby. It turns out, the rodents have
Pests Control Experts Busy As Temps Fall
Reported by Jessica Williams Wednesday Dec 9 2009 Springfield MO -- The temperatures are dropping and the Ozarks is getting its first taste o
Richardson. Needless to say, Cheryl Richardson doesn't like mice. But that didn't stop the rodents from
How Clark Pest Control protects your pets
Hi all This is a question that comes up often how will I know that pets are safe when you come out If we find water and food bowls they are remov
escaping. We prevent flea carriers like rodents from entering your home and yard. Call Clark
African Rodent Captures The Eye Of Science
Posted on Sunday 29 November 2009 08:30 CST Source RedOrbit A resilient rodent from the horn of Africa has begun charming scientists around the w
concerned with keeping track of the longevity of these tiny, blind, buck-toothed rodents who exhibit
On September 1st 2009 the County of San Diego released its finding in an official news release A mouse was trapped in San Luis Rey River area near Bo
On September 1st 2009 the County of San Diego released its finding in an official news release. A mouse was trapped in San Luis Rey River area near Bonsall has been confirmed, the mouse tested positive for hantavirus. This is the fourth mouse found with the hantavirus this year. Hantavirus is carried by wild rodents, primarily deer mice. The virus is found in rodent droppings and urine and can be inhaled by humans when it becomes airborne. The airborne virus can cause Hantavirus Pulmonary
Halloween Pests
THE TRUE GHOULS OF HALLOWEEN Bedbugs, Spiders, Bats and Other Pests Give Homeowners Nightmares During the Halloween Season This Halloween, vampires,
THE TRUE GHOULS OF HALLOWEEN Rodents, spiders, bats and other pests give homeowners nightmares during the Halloween season. This Halloween, vampires, ghosts and goblins will not be the only ghoulish creatures haunting the night; bed bugs continue to make a startling resurgence in U.S. residences, spider infestations are up, and wildlife pests such as bats plague homeowners across the country. Scary movies aren’t the only thing giving homeowners nightmares this season. As temperatures begin
Top 10 Fall Pest Tips
Fall is here and so are those fall pests top ten tips to help keep the pests out
Our top 10 tips to help keep the pests out! Fall is here, and what’s not to love about it? The changing color of the leaves, cooler weather, decorating for Halloween, picking that perfect pumpkin, gathering around the table for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and watching your favorite football team on TV – fall truly is the perfect season. But there is something that can put a damper on the holidays: pests! Our top trouble-making fall pests are spiders, rodents, roaches and various insects
The Value of a Fall Risk Assessment
and monitoring devices within a facility or a means to report how many rodents or insects were, , rodents, ants, cockroaches, etc. will look to find a way in to survive the winter. Historical trends, material along the fence line that may harbor rodents? Has rodent burrowing has been observed around, (e.g., mosquitoes, small rodents, etc.)? Is there spillage, exposure, and/or accumulation of waste
Trim Out Pests By Taking Care of the Yard
Clark Man Knows Pest Control, follow these steps to help eliminate summer pests.
house provide easy access to ants, rodents and other pests looking to gain entry through your attic, and don’t let the grass grow high; pests including rodents, fleas, spiders, cockroaches and ants
Rodent Facts
Since we are officially in the Fall season I felt we should give you the rodent run down since these critters are looking for a nice warm space to in
Since we are officially in the Fall season I felt we should give you the rodent run down since these critters are looking for a nice, warm space inside your home. We treat 3 of the most common rodents, the Roof Rat, the Norway Rat and the House mouse. We have listed some intersting factoids and tips below that can help you keep these pesky critters out of your home. The House Mouse Mice, of tips to help you deter rodents. Remember in the event of an infestation you will want to contact
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