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Expelling pests from the lesson plan this school year
, including rodents, flies, and cockroaches. Student lockers, desks, and dorm rooms are also areas where ants, cockroaches, and rodents can feed on a leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Putting pests on the naughty list this holiday season
Holiday decorating can enhance your home’s aesthetics, warming it up with festive lights and greenery. But could jovial decorations be inviting in more than the holiday spirit? Clark, your neighborly pest control expert, is here to help California and northern Nevada homeowners evade unwelcome pest visitors – rodents, spiders, moths, and other pests – on your “naughty” list this holiday, is fully intact, because rodents love to chew on wires. When storing decorations after the holidays
Protecting you, your family, and your home from pests
for professional pest control services. Consumers understand that pests like ticks, flies, rodents, rodents. When you have questions or concerns about a pest issue in your home, you can count on Clark
Nothing to sneeze at: Eight tips to prevent pest-driven allergies
, dust mites, and rodents could also be setting off their allergy symptoms. May is Asthma and Allergy, , microscopic pest called a dust mite, or that dander from rodents and shed skins from cockroaches can
Sniffer dogs deployed to combat rat plague in Queensland
Sniffer dog deployed in Queensland to combat rats
ox terriers Mya and Pepper, pictured with handlers Charlie Cinconze and Nicholas Snabaitis, are part of the rat detection squad in Goodna. Picture: Annette Dew By Anna Chisholm RATS chewing through phone cables are causing chaos in abandoned flood-hit homes at Goodna, southwest of Brisbane, and as far as Birdsville in west Queensland. Diamantina Mayor Robbie Dare said the rodents wreaked havoc, chewing cables and causing major communication problems. "Telstra have technicians out
Rat Control - Are We Headed For A Ratdemic?
It's going to be a disaster. Rats are all over New York City, and we're just trying to contain it. We're going to have chaos in the city.
Source: http://gothamist.com Last month word got out that budget cuts would lead to more rodents in our fair city, with the Department of Health cutting pest control aides on payroll from 84 to 57. Now the Daily News reports-screeching atop a dining room table, we imagine-"we'll be overrun by rats!" The Union representing pest control workers in the city told them, "A lot of people are going to be seeing a lot of rats. It's going to take much longer to get vacant city lots cleaned up
Clark Pest - Clark is Awarded Green Certification in Sacramento
Source Sacramento Business Journal Green bugs Clark Pest Control has become the first company in the Sacramento area to receive a green certifica
Source: Sacramento Business Journal Green bugs Clark Pest Control has become the first company in the Sacramento area to receive a "green" certification by the National Pest Management Association. The QualityPro Green certification requires companies to adopt an integrated pest management program. First they have to inspect a site and try non-chemical measures, such as trimming bushes that harbor rodents or sealing cracks that let in moisture and ants. If that doesn't work, they can
Rat Panic in Verdi Square
The rat problem in the Upper West Side's Verdi Square once called Needle Park has gotten so bad that recently the Parks Dept called for back-up We ha
they all jump out of the bushes," said Rob Hafferman, who lives nearby. It turns out, the rodents have
Pests Control Experts Busy As Temps Fall
Reported by Jessica Williams Wednesday Dec 9 2009 Springfield MO -- The temperatures are dropping and the Ozarks is getting its first taste o
Richardson. Needless to say, Cheryl Richardson doesn't like mice. But that didn't stop the rodents from
How Clark Pest Control protects your pets
Hi all This is a question that comes up often how will I know that pets are safe when you come out If we find water and food bowls they are remov
escaping. We prevent flea carriers like rodents from entering your home and yard. Call Clark
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