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Salinas Rats find refuge from rain; Salinas-area exterminators busy
Reports of rodents other vermin on rise after storms If you aren't a fan of things that creep and crawl you may want
Source: thecalifornian.com Reports of rodents, other vermin on rise after storms If you aren't a fan of things that creep and crawl, you may want to stop reading here. People aren't the only ones who sought the dry warmth of indoor spaces during the recent storms along the Central Coast. Rats, opossums and other animals looked for the same thing. But as water from 10 straight days of rain destroyed the animals' underground or outdoor homes, they sought shelter of another kind. "If it
Rats! - A serving of rodent
Source TRIBUNE-REVIEW By Brad Bumsted Most Pennsylvanians would not be surprised to hear there are rats in the state Capitol Since the 2005 middle-
Source: TRIBUNE-REVIEW By Brad Bumsted Most Pennsylvanians would not be surprised to hear there are rats in the state Capitol. Since the 2005 middle-of-the-night pay grab there's been a growing awareness. But rodents of a different sort were feasting at the Capitol cafeteria and it's hard to fathom how the employees who work there, and their managers, missed them. On Dec. 17, inspectors from the state Department of Agriculture conducted a belated inspection of the cafeteria, where state
Pests Control Experts Busy As Temps Fall
Reported by Jessica Williams Wednesday Dec 9 2009 Springfield MO -- The temperatures are dropping and the Ozarks is getting its first taste o
Richardson. Needless to say, Cheryl Richardson doesn't like mice. But that didn't stop the rodents from
How Clark Pest Control Protects Your Pets
Is pest control safe for pets?
are closed to prevent your pets from escaping. We prevent flea carriers like rodents from entering
Pests that make homeowners go “Boo!”
to cool overnight, and natural food sources outside diminish, pests from rodents to spiders, turning your home into a haunted house. Rodents Rodents are one of the most reviled pests, they’re stored in a plastic box with a sealed lid. This will prevent rodents from making a new home
Pest Control in Livermore: Reports From the Field
Recently Our Livermore branch was invited into a customer's home to investigate noises in an attic.
up and over the roof. === Clark Pest knows how to get rid of rats, squirrels and other rodents
What Pests Bug You?
What pests are bugging you? Clark pest control has some interesting statistics.         Pest management services are more than just preventing and removing unwanted and potentially destructiv
of mind that ants, termites, spiders, bed bugs or rodents won’t be a nuisance or a threat, %), cockroaches (32%) and rodents (31%) rounded out the top five of most concerning pests. The survey further
Bobby Corrigan - Live from the 25th annual Educational Conference
Bobby Corrigan speaks on rodents at the 25th annual Clark pest control's educational conference
Bobby is leading off with how he found his way into the pest control industry, his first job working below ground (the sewer). Bobby looks at pest control as a living experiment and refers to it as "cool science". Rodents Looking at New York City, Setting the rat traps, customers always ask what the best bait... The Rat is capable of cognitive thinking, this means the rat can plot and plan, Rodents 2011 Updates in biology, behavior and control (roof rats, Norway rats and the house mouse) 4
This Is One Pest That’s a Bat Out of H#&&
Clark can show you how you can detect and deter bats from invading your home.
In last week’s blog, the Clark Man shared helpful tips on pest-proofing your home this winter. Keeping rodents, cockroaches and spiders on the outside looking in is important for homeowners, but so is preventing a certain pest of the flying variety: bats. Like spiders, bats are beneficial to California’s environment, because they feed on insects that threaten vital agricultural crops. However, . Fortunately, bats are not chewers, and they will not gnaw on electrical wiring like rodents do
Clark Pest Control’s Eight Winter Home Pest-proofing Tips
Eight wither tips to pest proof your home
As days get shorter and temperatures drop, the time you spend indoors begins to increase. Pests want to come indoors, too. The Clark Man reminds homeowners that rodents, cockroaches and spiders may try to find their way inside to escape the winter weather. Besides simply being a nuisance and annoyance, these invading pests can also pose serious risks — rodents spread diseases such asSalmonella and E. coli, contaminate food, and damage drywall and electrical wires throughout a home
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