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Say Goodbye to the Mouse in Your House
California’s dry, warm conditions are forcing the house mouse to seek moisture in your home. learn how to say goodbye to the house mouse
Cute, fuzzy, three to four inches in length and weighing roughly an ounce, mice don’t necessarily look threatening. Nevertheless, don’t underestimate the negative impact these unwanted critters can have on you and your family. California’s dry, warm conditions are forcing pests, including rodents, , wood, and electrical or computer wiring. In fact, rodents cause up to 25 percent of house fires, it (to keep rodents from nesting there). Trim shrubs and trees close to your home, cut the grass
What’s up in the attic? Could be pests
a storage space to you, it often can provide a welcome place for pest intruders, including rodents, bats, raccoons, and spiders. House mice These small rodents prefer to live in dark, secluded areas, of buildings, such as attics. These rodents are known for their extraordinary climbing ability, and can
Your fall pest forecast, plus seven tips to pest-proof your home
in the spring – two things rodents seek out for food and harborage. What does this mean for you, to eradicate. Aside from the annoyance, such pests as rodents and cockroaches can contaminate food, you that you are the first line of defense in preventing pests and rodents from gaining access
Pests Are No Treat in Your Home This Halloween
The one pest most synonymous with Halloween is the spider. Spiders are typically more active in the fall, as they reach maturity during that season’s months, when moist weather and cooler temperatures are more conducive to web building.
. Rodents are a common fall trick-or-treater, and can fit through an opening the size of a quarter – making it easy for them to gain access into homes. Once inside, rodents can spread disease, in a plastic box with a sealed lid to prevent curious rodents from setting up shop. The final
10 Fall Pest Prevention Tips for Your Home
Pests are on the move, and your home could be their target destination this fall. The fall season officially arrives this Friday, and that means cooler nights and an increased chance that pests – including rodents, cockroaches, and certain species of spiders – will try to gain access to a warmer spot where they can ride out the drop in temperatures and declining food sources.
Pests are on the move, and your home could be their target destination this fall. The fall season officially arrives this Friday, and that means cooler nights and an increased chance that pests – including rodents, cockroaches, and certain species of spiders – will try to gain access to a warmer, and cause damage to homes. For example, when establishing their nests in walls, rodents can chew, out are enticing for all kinds of insects and rodents. Make sure there are no leaks in irrigation
Early season rain forecast – Increased pest populations
With El Niño-like weather delivering plenty of rain and snow to California and the entire West Coast, Clark, your neighborly pest control expert, is offering his forecast on how that precipitation will affect pest pressures in and around your home.
. But their initial presence is unsettling.” More abundant vegetation also provides rodents with the food, vegetation growth is present, can be at a higher risk for foraging rodents looking to gain access. “If the vegetation growth is close to a structure, rodents can be shielded from natural predators
Rodent Proofing for the Fall and Winter
Rodent proof your home during the fall and winter months by Clark Pest Control
, then, is how to keep these rodents from coming in and setting up housekeeping. As with other pests, rodents in, can be eliminated by installing brush strips, usually made from nylon or polypropylene, and conditions that help rodents to thrive. Every pest, include rodents, needs food, water
Sniffer dogs deployed to combat rat plague in Queensland
Sniffer dog deployed in Queensland to combat rats
ox terriers Mya and Pepper, pictured with handlers Charlie Cinconze and Nicholas Snabaitis, are part of the rat detection squad in Goodna. Picture: Annette Dew By Anna Chisholm RATS chewing through phone cables are causing chaos in abandoned flood-hit homes at Goodna, southwest of Brisbane, and as far as Birdsville in west Queensland. Diamantina Mayor Robbie Dare said the rodents wreaked havoc, chewing cables and causing major communication problems. "Telstra have technicians out
GMP's - Mike Parker
Mike Parker is now on deck speaking about GMP's Mike has been with Clark for 33 years and is truly a professional in the GMP arena.
rodents in Head, Eye and ear protection are to worn as required Lab Jackets are to worn as required
Rat Panic in Verdi Square
The rat problem in the Upper West Side's Verdi Square once called Needle Park has gotten so bad that recently the Parks Dept called for back-up We ha
they all jump out of the bushes," said Rob Hafferman, who lives nearby. It turns out, the rodents have
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