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Improving the Effectiveness of Your IPM Programs
is the preferred method of pest management. If rodents or cockroaches can’t gain access to a facility, identify all possible pests that might be present. It’s usually rodents and cockroaches, but what, (i.e. rodents, cockroaches, flies, etc.) pose a higher risk to the public than other pests. For example, spiders are less likely to carry pathogens than cockroaches or rodents, but what if your facility, of most cockroach infestations is from these two “Trojan Horses.” Rodents gain access in incoming
The changing face of rodent management
, their biggest concern would be the spread of disease. Disease and rodents are synonymous. Mice and rats can, , to say the least. In addition to transmitting harmful bacteria and diseases, rodents can spoil food, the public health threat that rodents pose, pest management professionals need a diverse rodent, and this would affect baiting programs for burrowing rodents, such as gophers. The California Department, , and food. If you have questions or concerns about rodents, call or text (800) WE-NEED-YOU (936-3339
The Signs of a Mouse in the House
As summer winds down and fall comes into sight, rodents, particularly mice, become more active in seeking new sources of food, water, and shelter. Why is there a rodent surge this time of year? California’s dry, hot summer has depleted naturally occurring food and water sources, and this causes rodents to explore their surroundings more aggressively in search of these necessities. And like humans, rodents also look for relief from the elements (i.e., the heat), and they associate cooler
Something Is Stirring in Your House – Could It Be a Mouse?
and dirt rubbing off their fur are often left along areas where rodents regularly travel. Look, from the house at least three (3) feet to prevent easy access. Rodents love ivy and palm trees, or any, mice or other rodents trying to gain access to your home, call or text (800) WE-NEED-YOU (936-3339
Pests Want Your Warm and Inviting Home
Don’t Hibernate This Winter, Because Pests Want In People aren’t the only ones scampering to escape the heavy rains and, in some places, snow across California this winter. A variety of pests, especially rodents, seek shelter from the winter storms as well, and their target could be your home. Adverse winter weather – colder temperatures, rain, snow – motivates rodents and other pests to seek, can damage the exterior of your home and, in the process, create openings for rodents and other pests
10 Fall Pest Prevention Tips for Your Home
Pests are on the move, and your home could be their target destination this fall. The fall season officially arrives this Friday, and that means cooler nights and an increased chance that pests – including rodents, cockroaches, and certain species of spiders – will try to gain access to a warmer, and cause damage to homes. For example, when establishing their nests in walls, rodents can chew, out are enticing for all kinds of insects and rodents. Make sure there are no leaks in irrigation
Your fall pest forecast, plus seven tips to pest-proof your home
in the spring – two things rodents seek out for food and harborage. What does this mean for you, to eradicate. Aside from the annoyance, such pests as rodents and cockroaches can contaminate food and transfer, that you are the first line of defense in preventing pests and rodents from gaining access to your
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Rat Control,Harvard University Assists Cambridge With Rat Infestation
Posted December 1 2009 Students at Harvard University and residents in the surrounding neighborhoods will not have to worry about the ongoing rat
the city with the bins that will cut off the source of food for the rodents. To read the entire
National Pest Control Month
April is Pest control month, The Clark Man’s Top 10 Pest Prevention List
We Aren’t Fooling: April Is National Pest Management Month Yes, today is April Fools’ Day, but make no mistake – pests are nothing to fool with. Such pests as termites and rodents can cause structural damage to your home, and stinging insects, cockroaches and rodents are known transmitters, annually in the United States Rodents gnawing on electrical wiring are one of the leading causes, insects, fleas, termites, rodents, and mosquitoes. The Clark Man’s Top 10 Pest Prevention List Seal
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