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Mice-The Most Problematic Rodent
was the Norway rat at 48percent, followed by the roof rat at 38 percent. Let’s face it: rodents, been stored in the garage. Even though rodents are crafty, don’t despair. There are preventive measures that you and your neighbors can take to keep rodents out. By partnering with Clark Pest Control on a comprehensive rodent management initiative, together we can prevent rodents (and other pests, the Clark Man to help keep unwanted rodents out of your house this year: • Seal vents and access points
2 days till Christmas..oh forget it, its Christmas Eve!! - Pest Tips
So tonight is the big night
So tonight is the big night, weather you are hosting a holiday party or attending one, be sure to keep things tidy to avoid unwanted holiday visitors! What can be lurking around your tree? It is the season for Ants, Termites and Rodents, these 3 Grinches want to ruin your Christmas so take a stand by doing the following: Rodents: Make sure all access points are sealed up, primarily around plumbing that comes into the house. All doors are fitted with door sweeps Excess card board
Lodi pest controller set to start helping in Haiti
Source Sacbee.com Published Friday APR.30 2010 A 12-person delegation of pest control experts – including Terry Clark of Lodi-based Clark Pest Cont
in Haiti continue to grapple with homelessness. "There are still a lot of food sources for rodents, months without any control, the rodents are breeding and multiplying … and with the rainy season
Spring is here, and so are pests!
the following: Ants Mosquitoes Rodents Aphids and whiteflies Fleas and ticks Cockroaches, playground equipment, and patio furniture. While rodents are a year-round pest, their activity levels, , or to food preparation or eating areas (e.g., your kitchen), rodents can pose a threat to the structural integrity of your home. Rodents are a leading a cause of electrical fires in homes because
Oil Spill Workers vs. Black Widows and Brown Recluse Spiders
Black widow spiders brown recluse spiders Fire ants poisonous plants and snake bites are the stuff of nightmares and just a few of the man
Snakes, Insects, and Rodents Poisonous Plants Drowning Personal Protective
What pests are bugging California homeowners? California’s top six problem pests
Ants continue to lead the parade as the most frequently reported pest issue in California.
pest issue. However, rodents and bed bugs aren’t far behind. The survey, which queried the state, that customers were calling for service was to eliminate infestations of rats, mice, and other rodents, year – that rodents are thriving and becoming more difficult to control throughout the state,” says, as California’s top six problem pests: Ants Rats and rodents Wasps and hornets Cockroaches
IPM for Food Plants Social Media – Day 2 – September 30
Rodents are complex animals with a tremendous ability to adapt to and use commercial buildings for their destructive and potentially hazardous purposes. Rodents play a major role in food safety and attendees at the Clark Pest Control and RK Pest Management IPM for Food Plants seminar in Sacramento heard one of the world’s foremost rodentologists – Dr. Bobby Corrigan – share his insights on how rodents impact the operations of food processing facilities. Corrigan told attendees that pest
African Rodent Captures The Eye Of Science
Posted on Sunday 29 November 2009 08:30 CST Source RedOrbit A resilient rodent from the horn of Africa has begun charming scientists..
concerned with keeping track of the longevity of these tiny, blind, buck-toothed rodents who exhibit, . === If you have unwanted rodents, call Clark Pest Control. We can help eliminate rodents like mice
Tips for rodent proofing your home
are often the first line of defense when it comes to making sure mice and other rodents can’t gain access, will be lost, and the rodents will quickly return. Keep firewood, boxes, and other household goods, is exclusion. Physically sealing off your home to deny rodents access is the way to go. Seal openings, , wire screening, or lightweight sheet metal. Because rodents are excellent climbers, openings, are experiencing a problem with rodents, call or text (800) WE-NEED-YOU (936-3339) or drop me an email
Winter Pest Solutions | Clark Pest Control
Despite the winter cold, pests are still lurking in and around your home. Find out how to keep them at bay with these tips.
not taken the winter off. The primary culprits are rodents, especially house mice. Rodents seek warmer, openings with caulk or other appropriate materials to deny rodents easy access, and check, in the first place. As you would with rodents, sealing up exterior openings, keeping window screens, rodents are a popular inhabitant of firewood that isn’t stored properly. Wood that is stored on the ground
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