Pest Control in Livermore: Reports From the Field

Nov 30, 2009, 19:55 PM by Clark Pest Control Livermore Office

Recently, Our Livermore pest control branch was invited into a customer's home to investigate noises in an attic. After a thorough inspection, and Q&A with the customer, our technicians suspected the noises to be from squirrels. The squirrels were in abundance on the roof and had gained entry into the attic area. In the closet of the nursery, the smell of urine was very strong and the customer stated that they had just moved in 3 weeks ago and recently painted but, it was obvious that the moisture coming through the sheetrock was squirrel urine.

Our technicians were able to pinpoint and open the sheetrock in the area to find that squirrels were in fact in the attic and urinating. The urine had traveled down a pipe into a ventilation soffit, now leaking down through the drywall, baseboard, right down onto the carpet. Our technicians were able to seal the entry point at the roof and repair the damage to the sheetrock and advised the customer to clean their carpet in that area. We were able to use odor absorbers in the wall void to help with the odors long term. Yet another pest problem outside the normal solved!

Squirrels maybe cute, graceful and fun to watch, just keep them off your roof and away from your home. This problem may have originated due to a tree that was growing up and over the roof. 

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