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Rodents like mice and rats can quickly infest a property if not dealt with swiftly and effectively. Exterminating them and keeping them from coming back takes knowledge and experience. Clark Pest Control has been in the business of mouse and rat removal for over 50 years. Think you might have a rodent problem? Fill out our service request form and a representative will contact you, or call our toll-free number above for even faster help.

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Mice and rats are the most common warm-blooded pests known to infest homes and other structures. These rodents account for a large number of calls we get from customers. And for good reason: Mice and rats can damage wood, insulation, and wiring, their urine and droppings are unsanitary, and they spoil food they touch. Here are the three home-invading rodent pests we’re often called to control:

  • House mouse: Adults 5” to 7” long, including tail, light brown to gray, largish ears, small black eyes – curious, nocturnal, can fit through a 1/4-inch aperture

  • Norway rat (aka brown rat, sewer rat): Adults 16” long, tail shorter than combined head/body, brown with scattered black hairs, stocky, small ears and eyes, blunted muzzle, can fit through a 1/2-inch aperture, will burrow and enter through basements

  • Roof rat: (aka black rat): Adults 14” long, tail longer than combined head/body, blackish/brownish with gray underside or brownish/gray with a lighter underside, sleek, large ears and eyes, pointed muzzle, can fit through a 1/2-inch aperture, is an agile climber and often enters through roofs and attics

Like any pest, mice and rats need food, water, and shelter, and they need a way to get inside your home. If you practice good sanitation indoors and take exclusion measures to block mice and rats from entering from outside, you can reduce your chances of developing a mouse or rat problem. In addition, you can manage the environment around your home by getting rid of weeds, trimming trees and bushes, keeping grass cut, and eliminating clutter – all places where rats can live and breed.

Got a mouse or rat problem? Clark Pest Control’s highly trained technicians have the solution for you, so call or text us today at 1-800-882-0374 and say goodbye to mice and rats inside your living space.       

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