Common Questions about Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a common pest that we get questions about here at Clark Pest Control. Below you will find a few such questions and answers. Of course if you have any other questions about cockroaches or cockroach control, feel free contact Clark Pest Control for more help.

What causes cockroach infestation?

Some species (German cockroaches, which infest kitchens and homes), often hitchhike indoors on bags or packages. Other species of cockroaches (American, oriental, Turkestan cockroaches) live outdoors, venturing inside when conditions are right. Cockroaches need food, water, and harborage, and they thrive in environments where sanitation is lax and moisture is present. Because they carry disease pathogens that can contaminate food, and their shed exoskeletons have been linked to asthma, controlling cockroaches is important.

How do we deal with a roach infestation?

First, identify the cockroach species you're dealing with, which determines how you’ll address the problem, and locate the infestation. If it’s overwhelming, call a pest management professional. If not, clean aggressively, eliminate food and water sources, eliminate hiding places, use insecticide baits, and monitor with sticky traps.