Common Questions about Ants

Ants. ants and more ants! They are one of the most common pests experienced by home owners and businesses, Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about ants that we get here at Clark Pest Control. Of course, if you have any other questions about ant control, you can still contact Clark Pest Control directly.

Can an exterminator get rid of rats?

Inspect and block entry points where ants are entering. Worker ants from outdoor colonies constantly search for sugary food and need water, so eliminate food sources and correct leaks and other excess moisture. Ant baits where the active ingredient is carried back to the nest can be effective. Best bet: Call a pest management professional.

Can aphids in my garden draw ants inside my home?

Yes. Aphids secrete honeydew, a sugary waste product, which attracts other insects. Argentine ants sometimes tend the aphids like shepherds tend sheep, collecting honeydew while fending off predatory lady beetles. Other members of that Argentine ant colony may enter a nearby home looking for food.