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Brooks Pest Control is very excited to announce a new partnership with Clark Pest Control, a company that has an excellent reputation for taking care of both its customers and its employees.

When we were deciding if we wanted to sell our company, we focused on two groups of people who would be most affected: our employees and our customers.

Looking at Clark as a potential partner, we became confident that our employees would be in a good situation there moving forward. Clark has a superior organization, and the company offers its employees excellent training, along with many opportunities for advancement.

We then looked at how a partnership with Clark would affect our customers. From every indication, we knew they – including you – would love the exceptional service that Clark provides, and has been providing since 1950. Clark offers residential and commercial pest control services anchored in integrated pest management, which targets and corrects the underlying conditions that allow pests to thrive. Clark also trains its friendly technicians to educate their customers on how to maintain pest-free homes and businesses.

We feel like our new partnership with Clark Pest Control will be a win-win for our customer base and our employees.

So, from all of us at Brooks Pest Control, we thank you for your business, and welcome to the Clark Pest Control family! Should you ever need anything, we are here to help

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