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Clark Pest Control knows ants – and how to eliminate them safely. In fact, Clark Pest Control has been exterminating ants successfully for over 50 years. Think you might have an ant problem? Fill out our service request form and a representative will contact you, or call our toll-free number above for even faster help.

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Ants are one of the more common insects that motivate people to call a pest control company. There’s nothing like walking into your kitchen and finding a trail of ants going to and from your family’s food supply. Yuck.

A few important points to remember:

  • There are different species of ants, and what works to control one species may not work on another; in fact, using a do-it-yourself ant control solution from the hardware store may make your problem much worse

  • Correct identification is key

  • Clark Pest Control’s highly trained technicians know how to identify ants by species, and they’ll know the best treatment options for every ant problem

Once your ant problem is handled, the underlying causes and conditions can be addressed. Those conditions often can be corrected easily by using integrated pest management (IPM) solutions such as exclusion and sanitation:

  • Keeping ants out: Exclusion means plugging routes so ants can’t get in

  • Keeping things clean: Ants often are attracted by spilled food or beverages; clean that up, and the problem most likely will go away

  • Eliminating nearby ant attractants: An aphid infestation in the garden, for example, can attract ants that will tend the aphids for their sugary “honeydew” excretions

We know ants. Call or text us today at 1-800-882-0374, and we will bring our science-based expertise to solve your ant problem. If you like, we’ll also tell you about our Year-Round Pest-Away service – the smart way to cultivate a home free from unwelcome pest visitors.

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