The Truth About Termites

Mar 3, 2023, 13:41 PM by Fred Speer

When it comes to termites, homeowners need to know the truth about these destructive pests that can threaten the structural integrity of a structure in a lot less time than most think. Termites can cause significant damage to a home in just a few short years and will chew through wood, flooring and even wallpaper.

California property owners also need to be aware that the heavy rains and snow that continue to roll through the state will likely impact the upcoming termite season, and not in a good way for homeowners.

While the cold in certain parts of the state could delay the start of termite swarm season a month to late March or early April, the excessive moisture is music to termites’ wood eating mandibles.

Termites and other wood-destroying pests, including powder post beetles and carpenter ants,  and wood-destroying organisms including wood-rotting fungus, thrive on moisture that is present in the ground around and wood within structures. Moisture-damaged wood is easy prey for termites and wood-destroying pests looking for their next meal.

Termite Facts, Not Fiction

What are the truths that homeowners need to know about termites? Clark, your neighborly pest control, lawn care and termite control expert, wants shares the following termite truths as we recognize National Termite Awareness Week March 5-11:

  • Subterranean termites are found in every state except Alaska.
  • California has three termites to deal with – subterranean (including Formosan), drywood and dampwood termites.
  • 10% of the world’s mass of living organisms is composed of termites.
  • Formosan termite queens can produce up to 1,000 eggs a day. A single Formosan termite could eat the whole structure of a home within two years.
  • The total weight of termites in the world is more than the weight of all humans.
  • Worker termites search for food up to 250 feet from their colony.
  • When adjusted for inflation, termites cause more than $6.8 billion in property damage every year.

Signs You May Have Termites

Termites are cryptic pests meaning they often go unnoticed in a home. There are a few signs, however, that homeowners may notice that could tell them termites may be present.

  • Termite Swarmers - Swarmers, also known as reproductives, are young female and male winged termites. In the springtime termite swarmers will emerge from their nest to mate and search for a new location to start a colony, which typically includes our homes. As such, termite swarmers, or their discarded wings near windowsills and doors, are often the first (and only outwardly visible) sign of a termite problem.
  • Mud Tubes - Subterranean termites, the most destructive termite species, build mud tubes to provide moisture while they travel between their colony and food source. Mud tubes are most often found near the home’s foundation or in a crawlspace.
  • Wood Damage - Termites tend to eat wood from the inside out, so wood that sounds hollow when tapped often signifies a termite infestation. Homeowners should also look for blistering pieces of wood.
  • Uneven or Bubbling Paint - Uneven or bubbling paint is often a sign of moisture build up, which could mean one of two things – water damage or termites.
  • Termite Frass - Light, wood-colored droppings that resemble sawdust inside or outside the home.

Termite Control From Clark Pest Control

For maximum protection against termites, homeowners should schedule a no-obligation home wellness check that includes a complete termite inspection. Homeowners can also ask for more information on Clark Pest Control’s exclusive Termite Infestation Program (T.I.P.) which covers your home from future infestations and damages caused by all species of termites.

Call California’s trusted, friendly termite control expert at 800/WE-NEED-YOU or send an e-mail at to schedule your home wellness check and defuse the termite threat.

Until next time, the pest management professionals at Clark Pest Control thank you for help keeping unwanted pests out of your home and yard.