Daily Pest Profile - Southern Fire Ant

Sep 16, 2009, 20:37 PM by User Not Found

Todays pest profile is on the Southern fire ant and would not recomend attempting to control them yourself because of there aggressive nature!

A few years back I had a run in with them and still to this day I think about the pain I was in for a week. within seconds of me stepping in their path my feet were covered and there was a terrible burning sensation. Our neighbors toddler had a run in in their back yard and was rushed to the emergency room. Again I cannot stress enough...call a professional!

Physical Characteristics
The Southern Fire ant is 1/16-1/4 long and queens are usually . The head and thorax are yellowish red and the abdomen is black in color

Southern fire ants are ground nesting, and will often nest outside near a kitchen, in wood, soil, masonry, base of trees or bushes and in clumps of grass. The Southern fire ant can gain access into a home or structure through HVAC systems, power in and outlets and pipes. Fire ants have been known to nest in Breaker panels, electrical and water boxes.

A fire ants diet is high in protein but will feed on almost everything, regardless plant or animal. The Southern fire ant has been known for eating through electrical and phone lines seeking out the wire insulation and soiled clothing.

The southern fire ant is highly aggressive by nature and has been known for attacking non-responsive residents and pets, such as, the elderly and infants, inflicting a great deal pain resulting in extreme injuries.

Treating fire ants should be handled by a trained license professional do to the southern fire ants aggressive nature. Most can be controlled with Clark's Year Round Pest Control. However, in cases of heavy, difficult infestations a combination of residual barriers and baits may be used.