Whats in your Christmas Tree?

Dec 1, 2009, 18:33 PM by Clark Pest Control Santa Diego Office

We are FINALLY in December and like most I LOVE the holiday season, the smell of fresh baked cookies, the holiday decorations and of course a nice freshly cut tree. I remember a few years back I unbagged my tree from the lot, placed it in the stand and then noticing someting crawling up my arm....a spider!

This was not the first time, I have had ants, beetles and even a few slugs in my trees. So your probably thinking "If they were cut months before why are they still there?", at least that's what I used to ask myself. I have come to the conclusion that sure, some may be there from before they were cut such as the beetles and maybe...just maybe even the spider, but slugs and Ants?

Remember these tree's have been sitting in containers for a while, then unloaded onto a Christmas tree lot, where they lay in piles on the ground or leaned against a fence allowing bugs of all sorts to climb in and make your tree their home. Before you take your tree into your home, I highly recommend unwrapping it and giving it a really good shake, afterwards inspect all the limbs making sure that your keeping the bugs where they belong...OUTSIDE!