Bird Control - Flocks of feathery pests plague local businesses

Jan 22, 2010, 14:16 PM by User Not Found


LAWTON, Okla. - Thousands upon thousands of birds are making the lives of Lawton citizens miserable, especially in one area along Sheridan Rd. near Wal-Mart.

The feathery pests affect neighborhood businesses, stores, and shoppers alike.

"The power lines from one end to the other [have] birds all over it.  The sky turns black and they all start to fly in," said car salesman Justin Lamb.

The blackbirds fly in around 5:30 each night and roost on the power lines and in the trees.  When they leave the next morning, they leave behind a big mess.  It is not only dirty, noisy, and annoying some say it is also expensive.

It is not only the number of birds that is a problem for locals; it is the mess of bird droppings they leave behind. 

"Oh, yeah, people come in and notice the bird poop on everything," said Lamb.

Lamb says they make a terrible mess on all the cars and trucks at the dealership where he works.

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