It Starts with a Pest Inspection

Our residential pest control process is simple. Friendly, trained and licensed service technicians perform a thorough inspection of your home and yard to uncover potential issues. We know where spiders, insects, rodents and other pests like to live and lurk, so we'll pinpoint these places. Then we'll provide you with a fully customized program to treat and eliminate entry points and nests.

Year-Round Service for Year-Round Peace of Mind

Pests are persistent. So we are, too. Clark Pest Control works around the calendar to maintain a pest-free environment. Within 30 days of your first treatment, we'll activate our Pest-Away® program. This includes a thorough inspection of your home and yard to ensure that any newly emerging pests do not re-infest the area. Then we'll administer an exterior treatment every other month to protect your property. Additionally, our service technicians will remove accessible spider webs when they visit your home.

Treating Your Lawn, Trees and Shrubs, Too

Did you know that we also offer top-notch turf and ornamental services? Our residential lawn care program will give you the healthy, happy lawn you've yearned for, year after year,  via custom-blended fertilizers, smart weed control, expert tree and shrub care, and dedicated maintenance. Any of these services can easily be combined with our pest control programs for added savings.

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At Clark Pest Control, keeping your home and yard pest-free is our mission – and has been since 1950. We understand your need for a quick response when unwanted critters appear, and we're dedicated to ousting rodents, bugs, birds, termites and more – and keeping them out for good.