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Residential Spider Control

Spiders are everywhere, and they’re not easy to control. Many of them are beneficial, because they eat insect pests. But some people think these eight-legged arthropods are too creepy to have around. Or, they don’t like the webs that spiders weave, which can be messy and unsightly.

Two of the more common spiders in the western U.S. are the black widow, whose painful bite usually isn’t deadly (but can be), and the long-legged cellar spider (or “daddy long-legs”), a harmless web builder. Both can be found in garages, eaves, attics, barns and many other places. The brown recluse spider, however, which has gotten a lot of bad press in recent years, doesn’t have any kind of real presence west of the Rockies.

Clark Pest Control’s Pest-Away® service is the best solution for your home spider control needs. Through routinely sweeping for webs and treating your accessible eaves, as well as regular control measures in harborage areas, we control spider populations for our customers. Call Clark Pest Control today – and rest assured that your spider problems will be solved.