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In Honor of Earth Day, Clark Pest Control Hosts Beach Clean-Up in Half Moon Bay


Clark Pest Control is committed to making S.M.A.R.T. choices and a smaller footprint – through it’s pest management services and its business operations.  So in honor of Earth Day, the company has teamed up with the Pacifica Beach Coalition to help clean up Poplar Beach in Half Moon Bay. 

Clark Pest Control employees will be on-site at the clean up.  And we are also inviting customers and anyone else in the community who wants to come out and join the effort.  Volunteers will receive fun giveaways from Clark Pest Control, and will be making a positive impact on the environment.  (Closed-toed shoes and sunscreen recommended!)

According to the Pacifica Beach Coalition, the litter picked up on the beaches comes from the streets in surrounding cities, and people are less likely to litter if there isn’t already litter on the ground.  

After the Poplar Beach Clean-Up, volunteers and community residents are invited to the Earth Day Celebration at Linda Mar State Beach in Pacifica from 11:30 to 3:30, where there will be live music, food and other festivities – including Clark Pest Control’s mascot Timmy the Termite.


Saturday, April 16th

9:00 – 11:00 a.m.


Poplar Beach, Half Moon Bay


Media Opportunities:

  • Clark Pest Control employees and customers, and other community volunteers cleaning up Poplar Beach
  • Interviews with volunteers about the importance of marking S.M.A.R.T. choices when it comes to the environment



Carrie Hagen – 916-505-2788,

Nicole Keefe – 650-743-8009,


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2012 Bed Bug Conference Rohnert Park



Managers Can Register Now for FREE Bed Bug Educational Training Hosted by Clark Pest Control


LODI, Calif. (January 11, 2012) – It’s no secret that bed bugs are still everywhere – in apartments, houses and hotels, college dormitories, hospitals, offices, retail stores, public transportation, laundromats and even movie theaters.  And since a majority of industry professionals consider bed bugs to be THE most difficult pest to treat (NPMA, 2010), Clark Pest Control is coming to Rohnert Park to help educate these facility managers with a free one-day seminar called “Bed Bugs: Know The Truth.”


The “Bed Bugs: Know The Truth” event in Rohnert Park will be held on Wednesday, February 1st from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the Doubletree Rohnert Park (One Doubletree Dr., Rohnert Park).  Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Only 100 spots are available for anyone who manages a facility or property where bed bugs could be a problem in and around the following areas -- Santa Rosa, Vacaville, Napa/Sonoma, Fairfield, San Rafael, Bodega Bay, Vallejo, Novato, Petaluma and Davis.


“Our goal is to educate the people in charge of facilities that most commonly get infestations so they are prepared to make smart and timely decisions if and when they are faced with having to identify and fight bed bugs,” said Robert Baker, operations manager, Clark Pest Control.


The event will provide guests answers to many common myths about bed bugs, such as whether or not they transmit diseases and are a sign of poor sanitation, and if you can see them with the naked eye.  Experts will also educate guests on the newest ways to detect and control bed bugs, as well as how a bed bug infestation can affect a business’ bottom line.  Speakers include Jim Fredricks from the National Pest Management Association, Gail Getty from the UC Extension, and Jeff Lipman of the Lipman Law Firm that deals with bed bug litigation and other industry experts. 


Anyone interested in registering for the Rohnert Park “Bed Bugs: Know The Truth” event may call 877-918-9988 or email


The “Bed Bugs: Know The Truth” events will also be held in San Mateo on February 2nd and in San Diego on February 3rd



Clark Pest Control, headquartered in Lodi, Calif., is the West’s largest family-owned pest management company.  With more than 1,000 highly trained employees servicing more than 164,000 clients, Clark Pest Control provides California and Nevada residents the most effective and reliable pest control in the world by integrating technology with environmental responsibility.  Using personalized pest control programs for homes, schools, businesses industries and agriculture, the company specializes in pest and termite control, structural repairs, IPM for schools, fumigation and food safety.



Media Contact: Carrie Hagen – 916-505-2788,