California and Reno Clark Pest Control locations

California and Nevada Clark Pest Control Locations

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One of the real strengths you’ll discover about Clark Pest Control is in the way its individual branch offices are attuned to the areas they serve. Each Clark branch is staffed by pest control and termite control technicians who are experts in the pest pressures of the cities, towns and rural areas where they work. So when you want real answers for real pest-related questions, call your local Clark branch.

To find out what services each individual Clark Pest Control branch office provides (pest control, bird control, rodent control, aphid and whitefly control, lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, weed control, and more), along with what cities, towns and areas each branch services, click on the branch name, and you’ll be taken to that office’s page.

Auburn,CA 888-891-9651
Bakersfield,CA 888-589-9580
Belmont,CA 888-891-8133
Chico,CA 888-891-9253
Concord,CA 888-251-4739
Fresno,CA 888-589-9583
Lancaster,CA 888-589-9581
Livermore,CA 888-251-8785
Merced,CA 888-891-8711
Milpitas,CA 888-891-0020
Modesto,CA 888-251-4025
Rancho Cordova,CA 888-251-8291
Redding,CA 888-891-9254
Reno,CA 877-213-9593
Sacramento,CA 888-251-7858
Salinas,CA 888-891-9218
San Diego,CA 877-213-9590
Santa Clarita,CA 888-589-9584
Santa Maria,CA 888-891-9343
Santa Rosa,CA 888-891-7791
Sonora,CA 888-251-7729
Stockton,CA 888-251-3744
Vacaville,CA 888-251-6173
Ventura,CA 888-891-9537
Visalia,CA 888-589-9582
Yuba City,CA 888-251-5790