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Bird and Bat Control

Birds and bats in and around commercial facilities are not only a nuisance but they can also present a threat to both the facility and its contents and to employees and customers as well. Did you know that bird droppings are a leading cause of slip and fall accidents in commercial facilities or that bird droppings that can spoil an entire tractor trailer load of grain?

The Clark Pest Control bird management specialists are trained to not only protect the image of your facility and the health of its occupants and visitors, but the safety and integrity of the food products and processing equipment inside.

The Clark Bird and Bat Management Difference

  • Our highly trained bird management experts will remove nesting and roosting sites, and the accumulation of hazardous fire causing nesting materials.
  • In addition to creating a more aesthetically pleasing appearance for your facility, we will minimize the threat of slip and fall hazards by removing bird droppings.
  • Clark Pest Control has access to the latest bird management products on the market and will partner with you to design a control program that addresses the unique needs of your facility‚Äôs situation.
  • We are committed to superior workmanship and provide a 100% guarantee on everything we do.workmanship and we guarantee everything we do