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Non-Chemical Pest Control

Clark Pest Control understands pesticides are not always the best way to prevent or eliminate unwanted pests in commercial facilities. The pest management experts at Clark Pest Control have developed and use a wide variety of non-chemical techniques including exclusion, cultural practices, heat and removal and repair services to prevent and eliminate pests in commercial facilities.

The Clark Chemical Free Pest Control Difference

  • Pest Exclusion is the cornerstone of an effective integrated pest management program since it focuses on denying pests access to your facility. A thorough, top-to-bottom inspection of your facility by a Clark Pest Control expert will identify potential pest entry-points and recommend corrective actions to keep pests from accessing the facility and the goods within.
  • Cultural practices including maintaining good sanitation practices, product rotation and employee training will reduce the attractiveness of your facility to unwanted pests.
  • Vacuum pest control physically removes pests from your facility and is often the most efficient way to reduce the pest population.
  • Heat extermination uses both volumetric heat and the directed application of hot vapors to eliminate pests. Volumetric heat penetrates and treats targeted areas of your facility by raising temperature to a lethal level. Direct applications of hot vapors are delivered via a hand held device with the dry steam raising the temperature of an immediate area (spot treatment) to a lethal level.
  • Removal and repair of door and window frames, HVAC vents, openings in the foundation or furniture that allows pests access or has been infested will quickly stop the infestation and prevent future incidents of pest incursion.