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Our program will be customized to target the pest pressure unique to your winery. Our licensed, experienced personnel will thoroughly survey your facility to locate any trouble spots. We will determine your specific needs for trapping and monitoring devices, identify what types of control may be necessary and provide a comprehensive list of written recommendations and necessary corrective actions.

Some of our benefits:

  • Your Clark Commercial Specialist will work with your maintenance staff to incorporate mechanical exclusion techniques such as sealing cracks and crevices, caulking around pipes/fixtures and sealing openings in wall voids
  • Your pest control program includes a quality control report showing the service that was performed, what materials were used, and what you can do to help us maintain control over the pests
  • Our reporting is clear and concise and may be delivered electronically via our Data Guard program or in hard copy
  • Clark’s Pest management program will be tailored to meet your facility’s specific needs. Utilizing cutting-edge pest control technology, we will formulate a program that sustainably mantains your facility, pest-free
  • Quarterly review and annual assessments by Quality Assurance personnel provided
  • We provide assistance with third party auditing requirements and will work to ensure you pass your audits
  • Clark Commercial Specialists technicians receive technical training each year and are certified by NPMA Food Safety, Quality Pro, Green Pro and adhere to GMPs