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LEED and Organic Facilities

While pest management is only a small portion of LEED credits, it is a very important aspect of the LEED program. The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is a very visible portion of the maintenance operations of the building and should be treated with the utmost care. LEED requirements are for the most advanced and rigorous operations and the pest management must follow that philosophy. Our approach to IPM not only follows these ideals, but can qualify for credits in your facility’s LEED scoring.

Some of our benefits:

  • Clark’s IPM program documents the details of all its operations, inspection fi ndings, and recommendations
  • At a LEED facility, pesticides will be applied only after conducive conditions are addressed and other non-chemical certified interventions are employed
  • The on-site binder provides all of the documentation that is needed regarding our service and pest management actions taken within the facility
  • We inspect the property on each service. Following this inspection, our findings will be discussed with the client to determine the appropriate course of action
  • Our reporting is clear and concise and may be delivered electronically via our Data Guard program or in hard copy

Organic Facilities

Our Organic pest control program is designed to meet your specific needs and maintain your facility’s Organic Certification.

Some of our benefits:

  • We provide our employees with regular training in Organic food safety to ensure they stay abreast of industry regulations, as well as emerging technologies for effective Organic pest control.
  • We fully support the philosophy and standards of the U.S. National Organic Program (NOP).
  • We adhere to a process of inspecting, identifying, monitoring and evaluating before selecting appropriate control methods. This involves routine inspection and accurate identification of pests, two vital steps in selecting the safest, most effective control methods.
  • Our service takes advantage of exclusion, maintenance and sanitation opportunities that minimize the need for chemical intervention. In many cases, we manage with pests traps, vacuums or low-impact methods such as botanical oils.
  • Clark can provide up-to-date electronic documentation via our Data Guard program; secure web-based monitoring of all services performed available.
  • Our strict adherence to all Organic compliance guidelines allows our customers to have peace of mind that their facility and products will meet the strict standards required to sustain their Organic compliance.
  • To ensure that your facility meets all Organic guidelines, periodic quality assurance inspections are performed by both the local branch Supervisors and corporate Quality Assurance personnel.
  • Clark Commercial Specialists receive technical training each year and are certified by NPMA Food Safety, Quality Pro, Green Pro and GMPs.