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Grocery Stores

Grocery stores are heavily trafficked facilities – sometimes 24 hours a day – that, by the nature of their contents and function, are an attractive target for a variety of pests. The constant arrival of deliveries of processed and unprocessed food, the warmth and abundance of food sources found in in-store kitchens and ample sources of moisture add up to a perfect recipe for potential pest problems.

A grocery store’s pest management program must be spot-on to maintain customer confidence in the brand as well stay current with local health department regulations. Clark Pest Control will partner with grocery stores to achieve an unparalleled level of pest management through its extensive lineup of pest control solutions that will leave facility managers feeling confident their store is pest-free.


The Clark Commercial Difference

  • Clark Pest Control’s years of experience partnering with commercial clients ensures that your facility will receive the best possible care when it comes to pest prevention and elimination.
  • Clark Pest Control bases its prevention and management programs on integrated pest management standards and works to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible.
  • Commercial facilities often are faced with detailed recordkeeping and regulatory compliance requirements and the experts at Clark Pest Control are well versed in these areas and can help you navigate them easily and accurately.
  • From ants to rodents and cockroaches to stored product pests, Clark Pest Control can prevent and eliminate virtually any pest from your commercial facility.



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