Bug Zoo By Clark Pest Control
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Bug Zoo

bug-zooFun with bugs? thats right! We at Clark Pest Control have developed a program targeted at 4th grade students to learn fun facts and a chance to interact with some of the coolest bugs on the planet.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Anatomy
  • Geographical locations
  • Their natural defenses
  • What they eat
  • Each species technical name

This program is a free service provided by Clark Pest Control and is offered to private and public schools. Presentations take 1 hour. Set up and take down is in total 20 minutes or less. 

The presentation covers:

  • Tarantulas (Facts, species, lifecycle, Molting and food)
  • Scorpions (Facts, Species and lifecycle)
  • Madagascar Hissing Roaches (Facts, Species and lifecycle)


Our Displays

After the students listen to the presentation, they will be divided into small groups to participate in station activities including the Bug-logy page, Bug Match, Bug Discovery and going to the table in small groups to view each specimen that was discussed in the presentation. Our display includes:

  • Tarantulas: Golith Bird Eater, Chaco Golden Knee, Brazilian Black. These stay in a protected enclosure, Tarantulas may be taken out by a trained Clark handler for an up close view.
  • Scorpions: Emperor Scorpion - Handling is done by the trained Clark handler. 
  • Madagascar Hissing Roaches: Due to their docile behavior and cleanliness, students may be able to handle one or view from a handlers hand up close.
  • Cave Spider (Tail-less Whip Scorpion): Students may view up close while being held on natural habitat.

  • Vinegaroon (Whip Scorpion): Due to docile behavior students can choose to  hold or view from handlers hand.

  • Others: Giant Vietnamese Centepede and more … 

The presentation will conclude (time permitting) with a handling demo of an adult female Chaco Golden Knee Tarantula, petting is allowed to those who want to participate and goodie bags with insect tattoo’s, activity and coloring booklet and more!

The Bug Zoo has been seen on Good Day Sacramento, the 2011 April edition of San Joaquin Kids, World of Wonders Science Museum and The Lodi Grape Festival.

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