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Charli's Fact Sheet


G. Rosea

5.5 inches


Welcome to Charlotte's Web

Hi my name is Charlotte, but everyone calls me Charli. I am a female adult Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula. I spend my days lounging by my water bowl, when all the lights go out at night I hunt for food. I am most active in the dark.

My keeper has added to our family, my new friend is a Grammostola Pulchra but its common name is the Brazilian Black, when it is an adult it will grow up to 8 inches in diameter, thats pretty big! Soon my keeper will have videos of Mag here too! 

Please book mark us and visit often, I will have lots of video of me and my best friend Marley coming soon!

Update for March:

Yet another member to the Clark insect family! We have purchased a beautiful baby Giant African Millipede named Herbie.

Herbie is 1.2 inches now but will grow to be a whopping 16 inches long! Stay tuned for Herbie's baby pictures. 

Charli's Videos

Charli's Friends

Just Added Aug.10th 2009 Marley eating a cricket
Marley's First Video - Grooming

Pictures of my friends and I

Me on a Lazy Sunday

Me in my new home

My best friend Marley

My Brother Buddy