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The Wolf Spider - Clark Pest Control


Written by Fred Speer
Clark Pest Control 

wolf spider

Spiders often trigger fear in people who come into contact with them.  Frequently, they are portrayed in movies and TV shows as menacing, eight-legged, blood-thirsty freaks on the prowl for their next victim.

While sometimes this is a misconception, there is one spider that fits this description. The wolf spider is the perfect eight-legged hunter, one that will either lie in wait or stalk its prey. This agile, lightning-fast spider poses little threat to humans, and will only bite when provoked.

The wolf spider is often mistaken for a very young tarantula, because of its size, color, and “stout” stature. Its body size ranges from one to 30 millimeters. Interestingly, some wolf spiders have the ability to walk on water to avoid becoming prey.

A Softer Side of the Wolf Spider

One thing that really sets this spider apart from other spiders is the way the mother interacts with her offspring. Newly hatched spiderlings will climb onto her back, and they will stay there for up to a week before they venture off on their own.

Friend or Foe

The wolf spider should be considered our friend, as they are beneficial pests that munch on crickets, cockroaches, and various flying insects.  When a wolf spider bites a human, usually the damage is minimal, and typically there is no need for treatment unless the person bitten is allergic, or is having a reaction.

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