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Letter of appreciation - Clark Pest Control

Letter of appreciation to Derek Appleton:
Dear Clark Pest Control,
My sister and her husband just purchased a home in the rural hills of Rancho Calaveras-Valley Springs area.  Last week I was helping my sister paint when I noticed the small ants. She told me her husband just complained that morning on how many bugs loved the foothills, and they would have to search for a company who would come out that far.  (I believe my brother-in-law was a bit more dramatic and freaked out with all the pests and was relieved to leave for work).
About 5 minutes after my sister was telling me this, the door bell rings... it was your Clark Pest Control specialist, Derek Appleton.  One of your TV commercials could not have timed it better.  Mr. Appleton is very professional, polite, confident, considerate and so efficient that he scheduled an appointment returning several hours later to ensure my sister and her husband had a bug-free living zone.  
This is a happy story with no ending as Mr. Appleton will continue to service their property.  Clark, you really do take care of people and make them feel safe and appreciated.
Thank you Clark, we needed you!
Rancho Calaveras
Clark Pest Control

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