Grasshoppers Invade Farm - Sacramento County

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Grasshoppers Invade Farm - Sacramento County


Just recently, Herald California has recieved a visitor, or should I say visitors and unwelcomedjuvenile grasshopper at that. Thousands if not millions of Grasshoppers have invaded a local community. At first they thought to be juvenile Locust but now its looking more like Grasshoppers. 

Grasshoppers prefer to eat grasses, leaves and cereal crops and majority of grasshoppers are polyphagous. Many will eat from multiple host plants in one day, while some prefer to rely on the same host plant. "Due to a warm winter and lack of vegetation to feed on has pressured the migration" stated Branch manager of the Rancho Cordova Branch Bob Golubski.

This invasion has made local news, please see the video below!






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