Happy 40th Birthday Scott - From your friends at Clark Pest Control

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Happy 40th Birthday Scott - From your friends at Clark Pest Control


Suzy Z. reached out to us at Clark to obtain some swag for her husband for his birthday—their last name is Clark, so, of course we sent him a box of great stuff!  

For years, Scott Clark he has seen the Clark trucks, shirts on techs, and just generally knew of the brand, and had always wanted something to wear of his own because his last name is Clark.  When his wife contacted us for his 40th birthday to give him something as a surprise, we sent a box full of swag to him.  Happy 40th Scott!

"Thank you so much for your help with my husband Scott's awesome birthday gifts. The Clark Pest Control hat is his absolute new favorite, and he's already christened both the coffee cup AND the notebook. Check out the photos below.

I am so thankful to you for your sweetness and generosity. Two of the shirts (one sent by you, and another by one of the owners of the company) were too large, so I am sending them back to you so someone else can use & enjoy them. Neither one was worn, and I know they are expensive to order! And as it turned out, all the other excellent stuff you sent has turned out to be the best gift ever! I even plan on planting the flower seeds with our 3-1/2 year old daughter. :)

Very sincerely,
Suzy Z "

scott clark

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